Artist Statement
What interests me as an artist is reframing what we know - our history, traditions, roots, the environment we grew up in – into contemporary and creative meaning and expression, fusing continuity with innovation.

Stathis Katsarelis is a visual artist who has exchanged brushes for naturally dyed fibres creating tapestry and mixed medium paintings. He was born in Lamia, Greece where he lived until graduating from High School. Stathis relocated to Athens, where he experimented with photography, studied to be a radio operator, and worked on merchant ships in Europe and North Africa from 1976-78. Stathis came in contact with tapestry weaving, became fascinated, began experimenting and noticed that his hands ‘knew’ this art form. Since 1981 he has been dedicate to being an artist. He studied and researched tapestry weaving, visual art, and natural dyeing techniques learning from famous Greek artists such as Yiannis Tsarouhis, and Sofia Kana. Using a vertical loom, he creates with discipline, patience and focus, and continues to research and innovate new techniques of tapestry weaving and mixed medium painting. He exhibits in solo as well as group exhibitions. One of his objectives is teaching his art form through offering private lessons and workshops in tapestry weaving and natural dyeing. Stathis has his workshop and continues to live in Athens.


Video Stathis Katsarelis